Aldi supporting Irish Producers

This is a difficult time for farmers with cattle prices dropping, milk prices not improving and crops being destroyed by the severe weather conditions.
As highlighted by Richard Corrigan, Irish supermarkets have not been very supportive to farmers in recent times. While shopping I have noticed very little fruit and veg on the shelves that are sourced in Ireland. However while in Aldi, during the week, I was delighted to see such a large variety of fruit and veg from Irish sources. Then in this weeks Farmers Journal I read an article which stated how Arrabawn Co-op (located just outside Ballinasloe) have secured a contract to supply Aldi with Republic of Ireland milk. The fact that Aldi put out a tender for ROI milk is seen as part of the German retailer's ongoing move to increase the visible Irish products in their stores. It is also seen as a knock-on positive impact of the high profile National Dairy Council logo.
As consumers we need to support our Irish producers by checking labels on products and buying Irish when we can.