Food Critics, Food stylists & Most certainly Food Lovers

 Sometimes my boys really make me laugh with their comments and requests. I am completely obsessed with food - reading about it, writing about it, talking about it, cooking it and of course eating it. So, it is no surprise the young men in my life all enjoy their food too.
Since I've become somewhat engrossed in the whole 'blogging' thing the boys have accepted that Mammy is constantly photographing them either preparing or eating their food. Generally, I get a few groans and complaints that I'm delaying them tucking into their dish. However last weekend I made Pancakes with the boys and to my amazement Fionn (age3) didn't dive straight into his. First, he re-rolled the pancake, sprinkled some more sugar on top, placed his fork on the side and said 'now will you take a photo for the blog'. I laughed and in fairness to him he did quite a good job. Maybe I have a food stylist in the making? Continuing with the theme of 'foodie' children, before hopping out of the car this morning Tiarnan turned to me and said 'Mammy can you make me some Brie with Strawberry Coulis for me after school?'. My first response was that I was unsure if I had all the needed ingredients then amazement hit me that my 5 year old would put in such an order. With one little look and a 'please I' d love it Mammy' I was smitten, both by the elaborate request and the delivery of same. Well, I am a sucker for food requests especially when it is a dish I enjoy myself. So as promised Tiarnan's Breaded Brie with Strawberry Coulis awaited him on his return from a busy day at school. These boys certainly keep me busy with their varied palate but I do so love that they enjoy their food and it's never a chore to cook for those who appreciate it most.