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Since the release of my book, Apron Strings -Recipes from a Family Kitchen, in May of this year, I've been blown away by the glowing reviews which it has received. Here are some quotes from those reviews, with links to their on-line articles where possible. 

"There is an optimism about life in this book that is terrifically winning."

                                                                                                              John McKenna, John and Sally McKennas' Guides

"Apron Strings tugs on the reader's heart, as it marries food with family life, be it a nutritious noodle soup, a chocolate cola celebration cake, or a quick coq au vin banged in the oven between school, swimming and football pick-ups."

Maria Moynihan, Irish Country Living

“You could almost guess that Nessa Robins used to be a nurse just by leafing through her new cookbook. A caring nature is evident on every page of Apron Strings, a compendium of simple recipes for family eating.”

Katy McGuinness, The Sunday Times

"The book is full of lovely recipes and stories about caring for and feeding her four children, as well as recipes for the unwell and elderly. Nessa's food is smart and nourishing and the book is beautifully written from the heart."  

Rachel Allen, Sunday Independent {2nd Feb 2014}

"Her book filled with a collection of delicious recipes will ensure, like most good cookbooks, this one will be covered in splatters and thumb marks.  The perfect cookbook for any busy family."

Donal Skehan, HomeCooked

"I really love this book, and not just for the cookery and recipes but because Nessa has woven the food elements so seamlessly into other aspects of everyday family life and her experience as a nurse." 

Georgina CampbellGeorgina Campbell's Ireland

"I am sorry if this seems a bit heavy handed, but the truth is, I can’t say enough about how special this cookery book is…..I mean, there is a chapter called Home Nurse."

Imen McDonnell, Farmette.ie

"The book is a work of art - beautifully photographed by Nessa."

                                                                                                                                 Nuala Ní Chonchúir, The Hungry Veggie

"With this former nurse also furnishing a list of natural food-based home remedies, it's the class of tome a body could wind up consulting from the crack of dawn to the dead of night."

                                                                                                                                                      Joe McNamee, Irish Examiner

"This is a book written from the heart.  I shed a few tears reading through this book and I was particularly moved by Nessa’s account of baking Gingerbread for her Father to a childhood recipe.  So beautifully written.  This struck a chord with me because I really believe in making memories with my children." 

                                                                                         Dara Morgan, Morgan Nutrition

“Apron Strings includes lots of delicious recipes and tips ideal for families, using easily accessible ingredients.” 

 Karen Downey, Westmeath Independent

“Apron Strings is Nessa’s first book but already it is proving a popular ‘must have’ for anyone wanting perfect recipes from a family kitchen.”

"Whenever you dip into the book – whether it be in January to find a comforting winter warmer, during July for a sunny family picnic, or during August for a faded summer kitchen supper for friends – you will find a selection of inspiring and memorable recipes."

Georgina Ingham, Culinary Travels

"I really love this book, and not just for the cookery and recipes but because Nessa has woven the food elements so seamlessly into other aspects of everyday family life and her experience as a nurse."  

Georgina CampbellGeorgina Campbell's Ireland

"There's an honest ethnic behind it, about growing local and cooking seasonally and not wasting food,"

Claire O' Brien, Athlone/Mullingar Advertiser

"A charming and original cookbook. Beautifully produced, it's full of the yummiest recipes."

Sue Leonard, The Irish Examiner

"Nessa gives an insight into a real modern Irish family household."

Image Magazine

"Tips and tricks to save you time and money filter effortlessly through the chapters in her strong yet soft voice, making you want to keep reading to reveal the delicious recipes she sustains her family with."

Móna Wise, Wise Words

"It genuinely made me gasp when I perused the book first. You’ve the wonderful recipes and photographs that we have come to expect from modern cookbooks but there’s more.  Just flicking through it again there now, it’s almost like a home economics manual." 

Sheila Kiely, Gimme The Recipe

"Nessa Robins has hit the mark when it comes to modern day, economically-friendly, Irish cooking for families."

Food & Wine Magazine

"What really makes this book unique is the wonderfully, practical advice that can be found peppered throughout its pages from natural remedies for common ailments to what to include in your diet during pregnancy to how to keep hens."

"Apron Strings is a reflection of what life is like in a busy family household, complete with stories and recipes to be enjoyed by busy parents and grandparents."

Lorna Sixsmith, Isle Magazine July 2013 {Pg 8}

"Nessa's positive outlook is everywhere in this book. She shares lots of inspiring stories and advice, and you can't help coming away from the book feeling optimistic." 

"The book tells a story of an amazing woman and her family. Her ups and downs through life and dishes inspired by her loved ones."

Carol-Anne Rushe, Carol-Anne's Kitchen

"I love a cookbook that is personal and that shares the stories behind the recipes, Nessa does just this."

Lorette Lavine, Parenting in the Loop

"From the heartwarming title, little Millie lighting up the cover, the stunning photography, a wealth of information from home remedies to keeping hens, and the sincerity in the words within, Apron Strings is indeed more than just a cookbook."

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Nicola Naessens, Simply Homemade

"This book has a wonder warm homely feel to it, just the thing needed for the family festive season."

Des Kenny, Isle Magazine Autumn 2013 {pg. 13}

"It’s obvious that these recipes are treasured family heirlooms (Nessa’s introduction to her gingerbread and scone recipes literally had me in tears) as well as what Nessa feeds her family on a daily basis. "

Kristin Jensen, Edible Ireland

"As befits someone who managed to fit cookbook writing in around her four children, Nessa’s Apron Strings is a family-orientated feast."

Caroline Hennessy, Bibliocook

"Nessa captures all we are trying to do at Bake Fest, inspiring generations to bake, cook, use local ingredients & most importantly creating memories in the family home that will be forever embedded in our memories."

Jennie Browne, Bake Fest Galway Blog

"Bursting with practical advice, family pleasing recipes and Nessa’s beautiful photography this is a book that I will love and use for many years to come."
                                                                                  Rosanne Hewitt-Cronwell, Like Mam Used to Bake

"It reminds me of a folder my mum had and used to refer to all the time when I was younger, it was full of recipes clipped from papers and magazines, along with household tips dispersed throughout. This book, I can already see will be my go-to in the years to come."

Nickki Mc B, Limes and Stars