His and Hers wins IFTA

Last night, His and Hers won Best Documentary at the IFTA awards.

'His and Hers is a cinematic mosaic that tells a ninety-year-old love story through the collective voice of 70 ladies at different stages of their lives.

The hallways, living rooms, and kitchens of the Irish midlands become the canvas for the film’s rich tapestry of female characters. The story unfolds sequentially from young to old, and the characters are charmingly unabashed; while the younger contributors are animated in discussing their relationship with their other halves, the older women describe their love, and often their bereft love, with grace and candour.

His and Hers celebrates the ordinary moments that add up to the extraordinary. Individually each piece works on its own, but together they create an emotional portrait that explores the way we share life's journey with others.'

I was lucky enough to be one of those ladies who participated in this documentary and what a wonderful experience it turned out to be. The team at Venom film were so friendly and yet so professional. I went to a screening of the film last July which I have to say, of course not being biased, I thoroughly enjoyed. I found the scenes with the older ladies particularly moving as they gave the viewer an insight into their lives, sometimes showing vulnerability but also amazing strength.

His & Hers was also the winner of the World Cinema Cinematography Award: Documentary at The Sundance Film Festival 2010. It will be screened thought Ireland later this year.


Unknown said...

Well, we'll be looking forward to that, so. Hope someone will make us a copy? I mean, buy us a copy of course.