Happy Birthday Jack!

Tiarnan giving a helping hand!!

The finished product
Before decorating

Jack turned eight yesterday, and I made him a cake using a mould I was delighted to receive last Christmas from my brother-in-law John and his wife Petra. It's a train cake mould from Lakeland (a British based store) and turned out to be a very impressive Birthday cake. The cake mould is heavy and of good quality which meant that the individual carriages turned out perfectly, making decorating quite easy. The boys each decorated their own carriages, sticking on as many sweets as possible. I will have to invest in a few more moulds as we were all delighted with the result of this one.

I used my Basic Bun Mixture which worked well.


Unknown said...

Hi Nessa! We're soo pleased this turned out good! Next time we're over I'll bring you some of the greaser recommended for these pans. http://www.lakeland.co.uk/cake-release!REG/F/C/cooking-baking/product/4198/pgs/20. In fact, I'll bring you the Lakeland catalogue, it makes for excellent reading on a rainy day. The train looks great, well done to all workers involved!

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks Petra. I would love to get a look at that catalogue. I just used some softened butter to grease the tin and it worked well. I think this is also because the tin is of such good quaility the cakes just fell out.
Thanks again for a great gift!!