Happy Birthday Fionn - My Weather Man!!

Fionn doesn't exactly have a nervous disposition, however he has a tendency to express concern over random television programmes such as shows on Nick Jr featuring children singing. He runs frantically out of the room until the t.v is switched off. No reassurances from us will get him watching these programmes but then suddenly one day he'll see whichever show that had been bothering him and he'll decide to watch it again. Fionn's main concern, at the moment, is the weather or the lack of good weather. He has become obsessed with 'storm clouds', constantly peeping out the window to see what colour the clouds are and if they are travelling our way!! Dad has lived with us for the past 18mths and a lot of his conversations also revolves around the weather, especially if Evelyn Cusack has given the weather as he's convinced that she only predicts rain! So it's no mystery really that one of the boys has picked up on these extended weather reports.

Today at 8.56am Fionn turned 3 and for the past few weeks whenever anyone asked him how he was going to spend his birthday, with a worried face he would reply that he wasn't planning a party because storm clouds were on the way. Unfortunately for Fionn his prediction came true and today it is raining. It so happens that many of his friends are on holidays so it suits to postpone his party for a couple of weeks, at least until the sun makes a return. A real love of Fionn's (funnily enough!) is cooking, so today he gets to choose what he would like to cook. One recipe which I will post tomorrow is a Marshmallow and Chocolate Toastie. If too much of this is consumed it is sickeningly sweet but half of one of these with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is rather tasty and kids love them.