What a wonderful sight upon opening the curtains this morning. Snow as far as the eye could see and more continuing to fall on the already thick blanket. I do love the idea of snow but from a practical point of view, it really is most disruptive to daily life. Of course, if there was a viable option of curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and an early viewing of 'What a Wonderful Life', I have to admit it would be a tempting way to spend a few hours. However, with four young children housebound and many hungry animals outside, the snow generally means a busier work day for me!

My poor hens took some encouragement to leave their warm house for their breakfast this morning!!

This little Willy Wag Tail always arrives on the back doorstep on cold winters days in search of a 'take away'!!

Since we weren't venturing too far I decided to bake a few loaves of bread with the boys. We made some white soda (a firm favourite), multiseed brown bread (my favourite) and some white yeast bread, which never fails to wow as the dough quickly doubles in size before your eyes!

The boys couldn't wait to make a snowman and go exploring around the house, following all the tiny footprints of animals and birds that had walked through the snow earlier.

Fionn did brave the snow but after a few minutes, he decided the cold weather wasn't for him!! He may be only 3 but he certainly enjoys his home comforts.


Imen McDonnell said...

Nice amount of snow there Nessa...really cute shots of the kids! The bread sounds perfect for a snowy day. I love wagtails, they are my absolute fave Irish bird! xx

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks Imen. I see you're wishing for snow.. hopefully you will get some in the next few days! Such a novelty-The kids love it!