The Nordic Diet by Trina Hahnemann

The Noric Diet is the latest cookbook from Trina Hahnemann. I have been reading though it and trying out some of the recipes over the past couple of weeks and I must say that it has proven to be a rather good read. As you may of gathered from my blog 'low fat' dishes don't often make an appearance here, however I am ever conscience of eating food that ultimately benefits our health. My one downfall with 'low fat' food is that I often find these dishes to be not only low in fat but also low in flavour. This was not the case with the recipes in this cookbook. I tried a number of Trina's recipes and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.  I tried out the shower buns (pictured above and below) which were completely effortless. The ingredients are mixed together and left in the fridge over night and the following morning little moulds of dough turn into delicious, healthy, fresh,  homemade bread rolls. I also made the Spelt pancakes with blueberries and the Raspberry lime sorbet - both were very easy to prepare and tasted delicious!

I found this book extremely refreshing as this is much more than just a healthy living cookbook but more of a guide to a healthy way of life. Trina offers really practical lifestyle advice with many delicious recipe to back up her plan.  The photography is beautiful and very encorging to even a novice chef. My only criticism of this book would be that many of the recipes include fairly elaborate ingredients for the home chef. That said each ingredients is highlighted for it's health benefits and if you are starting a new healthy living regime it is more than likely necessary to swap some of your store cupboard ingredients with a healthier alternative.
If, like me, you begin each year with the resolution to a healthier year then this is one book which may just help you to achieve this. We all know that what we eat is crucial and Trina claims that through this book you can eat your way to health and happiness. I intend on putting this book to good use and will try to follow the Nordic Plan in the New Year ( once all the Christmas chocolate is gone out of the press!!!).


Brownieville Girl said...

Fantastic photos Nessa.

The bread rolls look delicious. I must take a peep at this book after the Christmas pig-out!

Nessa Robins said...

Yeah there are a good few recipes worth trying out- even without being on a diet!

Anonymous said...

The January 2011 issue of Food & Wine magazine is featuring this cookbook with several recipes. I tried the Nordic Winter Vegetable Soup tonight and it was AMAZING. Now I just need to find some elderflower cordial so I can try the Pork Tenderloin Braised with Elderflower and Fennel. I'm glad I found your blog because I just HAD to tell someone how great the soup was!

Nessa Robins said...

I love a good soup recipe! I make soup about once a week and am constantly seeking new recipes to try out. The pork dish sounds delicious- I think elderflower cordial is available to buy in Tesco but if you are anywhere near Moate I still have a few bottles that I made last May(when the elderflowers were in season) and you would be welcome to pick one up from me!
Thanks for checking out the blog. Nessa.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind offer, Nessa. I didn't know where Moate was so looked at your bio and see you are in Ireland. I'm in the Nordic region of the US....NE Iowa! I hope to "someday" be in your area, having ancestors from Ireland (maiden name, McClure). I also hope to have a blog someday so I don't have to sign this "anonymous" - was too lazy to figure out my URL!! I love to cook too! I made some substitutions with the soup: didn't have an celery root so used some celery and one potato and had some garden kale in the freezer so used that instead of the spinach. I highly recommend it! And I'll shop online for the Elderflower cordial - I had a lot of Elderflower this and that when I was in England several years ago. Teri Elmore (aka anonymous).

Nessa Robins said...

That's funny, Teri! I just assumed you were in Ireland as we also have a Food and Wine magazine. I have been meaning to put a weight convertions on the recipes for any American readers. Let me know if you set up your blog- I'm always searching for new recipes to try out!
Nice to hear from you!! Nessa.