Book Review - How Not To Get Fat: Your Daily Plan

It is of the utmost importance when dieting to choose foods that not only are low in fat but are also nutrient rich. This is the basis of Ian Marber's new book- How Not To Get Fat - Your Daily Plan. Marber, AKA The Food Doctor, guarantees the reader a more stable and sustainable weight loss if they follow his programme.
Marber has many years of experience as a weight loss consultant and is a regular contributor to many leading magazines and papers in the UK. This book is a follow on from his first book - How Not To Get Fat which was well received worldwide.
The book is clearly divided into three sections. How food becomes energy; foods to eat and food planners. There are many easy to follow recipes to support all the daily diet plans with helpful tips on how to cook and serve many different foods. Throughout the book, there is a constant reminder that everything one chooses to eat should be done so consciously, for example when choosing bread the wholemeal variety should be the one of choice.
I completely believe that choosing low-fat processed foods in an effort to reduce one's calorie intake is most definitely misleading. Marber echos this indicating that these foods generally contain more sugar which in turn leads to fluctuation in blood sugar levels. His diet plan all boils down to maintaining a steady blood glucose level.
In the book, it is also apparent that combining the food groups correctly is vital for a healthy diet. One main focus of the meal plan is ensuring that every meal combines a protein with a complex carbohydrate as the energy they create lasts longer if eaten together.
So I put the book to the test and followed the plan for a few days. Surprisingly I didn't experience the normal hunger plans that I have come to recognize at the beginning of most diets. Within a few days, I definitely felt less bloated and more energetic.
If you are considering changing the way you eat, for the better of your health, a read of this book would certainly be a good start!!

If you would like to buy Ian Marber's How Not To Get Fat -Your Daily Plan, it is published by Quadrille Publishing and is available to buy on Amazon.


Medifast Coupons said...

You did a really good book review, good post.
My husband has just started a huge lifestyle change to lose some weight and get fit, this might be a good journal for him. Thanks!

Nessa Robins said...

Thank You! I really thought that Marber's plan was very good and easy to follow - I'm sure your husband would find it useful!

Magali said...

Hi Nessa,
I have not read the book, so my comment is based on what you wrote...
I think we need good fats for good health and although of course we should reduce the amount of fat we eat when dieting, it is important to choose the fats you do eat very well. Fat are an important source of some nutrients and vitamins, and they provide flavour and saciety as well.
I agree with you that we should chose our meals carefully, but I would use the same prerrogative for my fats!

Nessa Robins said...

Absolutely, Magali. The correct fats are most certainly very important in the diet and this is also disscussed in Marbers book. A balanced diet is the way to go!!