Book Review - Rachel Allen's Entertaining at home.

If you are planning on entertaining a few guests and would like to make it an occasion to remember then Rachel Allen's new book Entertaining at Home would certainly be the book to get you on the right track!
The book does not only focus on entertaining for formal occasions but also on how to make the most of entertaining a few friends informally with some irresistible nibbles and drinks.
There are so many amazing recipes and in true Rachel style all the recipes are easy to follow. Unlike many of her previous books there are many dishes that require more extravagant ingredients, that being said this book is focusing on special occasions which deserve dishes that wouldn't be on your average daily menu.
Chapters are Brunches and Lunches, Casual Meals, Eating Outdoors, Canapes and Small Bites, Small Celebrations, Dinner Parties, Larger Gatherings and The Buffet Party. Each chapter closes with menu selection ideas which proves very useful when organising an event. The book is complete with a pink ribbon marker which is one feature that I love in a cookbook!
'Entertaining at Home'  isn't over saturated with photographs; I sometimes find that in cookbooks, recipes can be lost if not photographed as a photo always tempts the reader that little bit more to cook the dish. However there are 351 pages in this cookbook and to photograph each or even every second recipe would lead to a very large book indeed! The book is delightfully illustrated and the photography is beautiful with very elegant ideas on table decorations and settings.
There is a fantastic variety of recipes and decoration suggestions which are tailored for very different forms of entertaining. There are meal plans to suit any entertaining scenario, whether you are planning on entertaining a crowd or maybe looking for ideas on creating the perfect romantic meal for two you will find all the inspiration you need in 'Entertaining at Home'.

This cookbook is available to buy here on Amazon.


Greenside Up said...

Totally agree Nessa. Love this book... made my recipe for pecan chocolate pie from it (sorry can't remember exact name of recipe but I made a heart shaped one and blogged about it around Valentine's day)... it went down a treat!

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks Dee. That pie sounds good - I must add it to the other recipes that I want to try out!

the mountain fox said...

That book sounds like just what I'm looking for right now! Was wracking my brains the other day thinking of some good picnic food.

Nessa Robins said...

My boys love picnics! I think one of Rachel's other books might be more suitable for picnic ideas. Maybe Rachel's Favourite Food at Home.