Product Review - Cafe de Cuba Coffee & Tea

A few months back I received an email from Eileen at Cafe de Cuba and she asked if she could send me some coffees and teas to try out. As a coffee & tea entuassiast I was more than happy to oblige. Cafe de Cuba/Fixx Coffee are the official sponsors of Cuban coffee for UK and Ireland and also creators of Fixx Coffee. They recently introduced a new Decaf Coffee, an Organic Coffee and some exciting Organic Teas to the market place. 

The name on the packaging of the ground coffee is 'Really Good Organic Coffee' and how appropriately named it is! Imagine the quality of a coffee you get while dinning in a really nice establishment, the sort of coffee youd rarely get from a home brew and this is similar to how good this coffee is but even better as it's organic. It is smooth and rich and it's pungent aroma lingers in the kitchen long after the cuppa is enjoyed. Once I was halfway through my bag I began to save it and limit it for my daily treat. Needless to say I would thoroughly recommend this coffee and even though it is on the higher price margin, of €8.50, it is very much worth it. 
Every so often I like to enjoy a herbal tea. Mostly when I'm reaching for the herbal variety it means I have in some way overindulged and somehow a cup of the herbal stuff can settle the tummy marvelously. There were a nice variety of teas in the pack I received. My favourite had to be the Golden Mango Organic tea. It almost tasted as if a mango had been freshly purrerd to achieve such an exotic flavour and it was so refreshing.
The Decaf Coffee was also quite lovely and there wasn't a compromise on taste either, it proved to be the perfect partner to a biscuit late in the evening. I also received a beautifully presented tin of Pure Green Organic Tea Bags. Green tea is naturally high in anti-oxidants and makes a nice change from regular tea. Another wonderful addition to these superb products is their simple but very attractive packaging
I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed these high quality coffee and tea products. Thank you to Cafe de Cuba for sending them my way.

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Brownieville Girl said...

I regularly go for my coffee fix (!) to fixx coffee house on Dawson Street - is it the same produce? If so I can testify that it is delicous.

Great photo.

Nessa Robins said...

They are indeed the same company. I must stop in, the next time I'm in that area :)