National Potato Day

Keogh's farm are gaining a lot of interest in the media, with numerous write ups in the papers, as well as television and radio interviews. If it's true that consumers buy products because of the people behind them then this would certainly be the case for Keogh's, who each can sell the potato, and how they farm them, with lots of passion. It also helps that the products they produce are fantastic. They have excellent quality potatoes and in recent times they have been making the most perfectly seasoned, irresistible crisps. Traditionally potatoes were the choice for the Irish dinner table but in recent years pasta and rice have been taking their place. When choosing potatoes as part of our diet we are not only choosing a low fat, nutritional and economical food but quite importantly we are supporting local Irish producers. Keogh's are now on a mission to crown the potato the National Vegetable of Ireland and would like to encourage everyone to sign their potato petition.

If you would like to celebrate all things spud, the second National Potato Day occurs next Saturday. The Tall Ships Festival is happening in Dublin this week and the guys at Keogh's have decided to set up a pop up farm in the city centre. They will be bringing crates, hay, tractors, and naturally lots of potatoes to the farm stall on the North Quays. They will also have spud games and lots of fun activities, all focusing on tastings and nutritional info about potatoes. To add to this there will be lots of goodies given away. The farm will be there from Thursday until Saturday but National Potato Day is on the Saturday, Aug 25. To celebrate National Potato Day the lovely people at Keogh's will be giving me a jam packed hamper, which I will have a competition for here on the blog, sometime next week. 


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Nessa, potatoes saved our family many a dinner. My folks had less than no money and with 6 kids mom always had a challenge on feeding us. Some of my siblings won't even eat them now but not me!

Your give away hamper sounds very special.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I love potatoes! And being of Irish/American and the oldest of 7, I can't tell you how many of those little babies I peeled!!! Hence today I NEVER peel my potatoes!!! LOL!!!

I'm going to celebrate Nat'l Spud day next week! :-)

Raphaele said...

I have loved potato since I was a little girl, that may be the reason why I moved to Ireland. I can tell you this country knows how to cook potatoes. And I am delighted to hear there is a national potato day and I will get to meet the guys at Keogh's! Thanks for letting us know.