Packed Potato Skins

These days my kids, especially the boys, seem to be constantly in search of their next bite to eat. They are active lads and during school time it seems more difficult to keep them contently fed. I tend to pack quite a substantial school lunch for each, with wholesome options that are sure to fill them, yet still, they will return from a day of school famished and barely have seatbelts on before they are chanting the 'What's for dinner?' line. If dinner isn't ready I will normally have some snacks in mind for them on their return home. One of their favourites is these Packed Potato Skins and what I tend to rustle up if I happen to have the oven already on for that day's dinner. These potatoes also make a great accompaniment to a spicy chili dish or a casserole of any description. This recipe makes quite a few so wrap some in cling film and freeze for up to a week, ready for another day's snack. They are delicious and nutritious and will keep little ones going, at least until they finish their homework!


10 baking potatoes
150g Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
200g strong cheddar cheese
3 spring onions, chopped finely
Freshly ground black pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C(fan)/200C/gas mark 5. Scrub the potatoes well and prick them a few times with a fork. Bake for about 1½ hours, or until the skins are crisp. Once the potatoes cool slightly, cut them in half lengthways and scoop the insides into a bowl and mash well.
2. Put the skins of the potatoes on a tray ready to fill them.
3. Combine the yogurt with the mustard. Grate the cheese, and add 150g of it to the cooled potato along with the yogurt, mustard and spring onions. Season with a little freshly ground pepper.
4. Making sure that the potato skins are fitting snugly on the baking tray, spoon the potato mixture into each one. Sprinkle over the remaining cheese, and bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes until golden.


In other news, I am delighted to let you know that I am a finalist in The Irish Blog AwardsThank you to anyone who nominated me and to the judges who voted for me. I am absolutely thrilled and extremely honoured to be in a category with such talented bloggers. 

Best Food/Drink Blog – Finalists


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Potatoes have always been a comfort food for me. These look so delicious. My family would go nuts for them.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Yum, I don't blame them for wanting that delicious snack! Smart boys!

Nessa Robins said...

I hope your family enjoy them. Thanks ladies!

Life, Loves and...... said...

They look so yummy, I must add them to my lunch list. Sometimes I need inspiration. Just recently discovered your blog and its lovely. Good luck with the blog awards.

Nessa Robins said...

Wow! Thank you very much. I will head over for a read of yours later. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely recipe Nessa congrats on being a finalist. Fingers crossed for you :) Rosemarie

Simon David said...

Wish I had a bowl of this mouth watering stuff potato right now. Oh I am excited – I can’t wait. You can also prepare with ham, dat will also proof to be good.

Nessa Robins said...

Thank you, Rosemarie. There is great competition in the group so I'm honestly delighted just to be among them.
Yes, ham would also be lovely cooked with the potatoes. Thanks Simon!

The mum of all trades said...

I love the idea of the Greek yogurt in these, it would make the filling so creamy.