Welcome Baby Millie

I'm delighted to introduce Baby Millie. She arrived safely on Thursday the 25th of March. She is adorable and fits in perfectly with the boys. They are all smitten with her.


Unknown said...

Hi Nessa, congratulations on Millie, she is gorgeous. Hope ye are all well. Thanks for putting up the vegetarian recipes, they look great. I will definitly be trying them out when i get the chance.

Unknown said...

Ah, what a lovely picture. Millie is beautiful and will definitely be spoiled by her big brothers! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful babies, all of them. How very special to have a little girl now! Soo pleased for you all. She looks just perfect!
On the cooking front: I made 70 pofiteroles yesterday for a dinner with friends - feel proud (and full)... May try on the veggie soup today for a bit of health. Love, P

Unknown said...

Hi Nessa, many congrats on the birth of baby Millie, she is beautiful!! But please tell Fiona that she is YOUR baby and not hers!!

See you soon

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks to all I'm Thrilled with my little girl.

Erika, I hear you are doing really well on your new diet. Well done!! If you have any recipes that are working well for you I would love to hear about them and If you wouldn't mind I could publish them on the blog.
As for Fiona, each time she calls she has a bag of clothes for Millie, saying that she can't resist buying for girls. I wouldn't like to deny her of this guilty plesure so lucky me!!!

Hi Eimear, glad to hear that you enjoy the Multi seed Brown Bread. Good Luck with your study- not long left now.

John said...

Hi there ! Finally putting a comment on your page. Don't forget to put up the recipe for scones. we're here to get the bun recipe.