Happy Birthday Tiarnán!

Today at 8.34am Tiarnán turned 5. Such excitement. He suddenly had a super strength that only a 5-year-old, and definitely not a 4-year-old, could have and as we sang Happy Birthday he displayed his new "strength" by doing cartwheels across the kitchen floor. Don't you just love the enthusiasm that children have for all things new and how every day is potentially a new adventure?

Tiarnán is a great man for food and he's constantly wondering about his next meal. Most of his memories are food related; if we went to visit someone 2 years ago he'll remember whatever he had to eat there. Food is a huge part of our daily life and myself and the boys regularly sit on the sofa and comb through cookery books in search of new recipes. However, Tiarnán is the keenest "taster" in our house. It is always a pleasure to cook for someone who appreciates the effort and Tiarnán certainly appreciates his food. Since we had his party with his school friends last week, today was made special for Tiarnán by what extra treats he could enjoy. After dinner, he ordered an ice cream filled pancake-a good choice, one I would pick myself! I used the recipe I have posted for Pancake Tuesday. It's quick and easy to make, and the effort is always worth lots of kisses from the birthday boy.


Unknown said...

Hi Nessa,thanks a mill 4 all the strawberries and the jam:D Both are lovely and happy birthday to Tiarnan!!

Nessa Robins said...

Your welcome, Eimear, but it was Sean who picked them for you in the rain!! Now, that's love!!!