His and Hers in Cinemas from Today

Jack and I with the director of His and Hers, Ken Wardrop.

Last night we went to the preview screening of His and Hers at Athlone Cinema.
What a wonderful experience; from beginning to end it is like being on an emotional roller coaster, one moment laughing the next in tears. The honesty and strength of many of the ladies were really inspiring as a viewer. This film will touch your heart and you will leave the cinema with the need to hug those you are most close to, as it is a true reminder that there is nothing greater in this life than the ones you love.

This film is certainly refreshing, so take the time to see it while it is at the cinema.
Check out www.hisandhers.ie for full cinema listing and plenty of info regarding the film and the ladies (including myself) involved.



Hi Nessa, i really enjoyed the film,
and well done,i have recommended it to all my friends.I must introduce you to AIDAN the next time hes in town, he may have a part in hollywood for you!!!!!!!!

Nessa Robins said...

yeah that sounds great!!!
Spread the word about His and Hers it deserves the good publicity. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi guys looking forward to seeing the movie. Nessa I will be looking for your autograph I think!! Hear its excellent, certainly getting rave reviews anyway!