Book Review - Two Greedy Italians

On first glance at a cookbook by two chefs that are as well established as Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo you would be forgiven to assume that it would be full of pretentious talk and complicated dishes. This I can assure you is not the case.  The book is written in a language that is both engaging and inviting to the reader with so many stories behind many of the delicious dishes that are shared in this book.

Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo both moved to Britain from Italy over 30 years ago and began working in the food industry. They eventually worked together and soon became established as leading influences on Italian cooking. This book was written to accompany the television series, of the same name, and it sees the two friends on an amazing journey to visit their home country. They travel to all the different regions of Italy and explore many Italian food trends of the past and the present.  They introduce us to the food they ate while growing up aswell as their own family favourites. 

The book provides a wonderful insight into Italian culture, which appears to have influenced many of the authentic Italian recipes in the book.  Antonio and Gennaro also give their own views on subjects such as religion, street food and family. 

The book is divided into six sections - Starters, First Courses, Main Courses, Vegetables, Fruit/Desserts and Snacks. It is packed with over 100 recipes that are beautifully photographed by Chris Terry. There are recipes to suit cooks of all levels and for many different occasions. The importance of sourcing fresh produce is greatly evident throughout the book. Every region appears to have its own specialised ingredients and indeed recipes. So many of the recipes are concise and easy to follow simply showcasing the amazing produce that Italy has to offer. I also love that each recipe is introduced so personally by the author.

This book would be an impeccable read for anyone planning a holiday to any of these beautiful regions in Italy. This is an essential addition to any cookbook collection as the ultimate guide to Italian cuisine.

Here is some Peperonata {pg.141} that I made to accompany fresh pasta and it was scrumptious!

'Two Greedy Italians' by Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo is published by Quadrille Publishing, ISBN 978-1-84400-942-8. The TV series that accompany the book 'Two Greedy Italians' is currently on BBC 2 on Wednesdays at 8pm.  The book is available to buy on Amazon.

Photo and Styling by Nessa Robins


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Thanks Nessa, it's always reassuring to hear about a good cookbook from a trusted source! I'll have to check out this cookbook. I don't think I have any really good Italian cookbooks!

Have a great day!


Nessa Robins said...

Thanks Mary.
Well would come in very useful then :)