The Irish Times Friday Food Forum

For the month of November The Irish Times are celebrating the best of the Irish food scene. They are sharing recipes, including lots of food-related interviews and features, while they are also running events and give-aways throughout the entire month. One such competition is the chance to join Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times' food critic, as she reviews a restaurant. How amazing would that be! 
Each Friday The Irish Times host an on-line food Q&A, appropriately called The Friday Food Forum. Questions on food, wine, cooking, baking and all sorts of kitchen conundrums can be submitted. Then on Friday the forum will be live between 1pm and 2pm, when the questions will be answered by the panel. This panel consists of The Irish Times Food & Drink team; Eunice Power, Marie Claire Digby, Catherine Cleary, John Wilson and Alanna Gallagher. Each week there are two or three guests who join the panel. I'm delighted to tell you that this week, along with Clodagh McKenna and Oliver Dunne, I too will be on hand to answer any culinary queries that you may have.
So whether it's a question about dinners for fussy eaters or how to make the most of leftover turkey, submit your questions here - - and they will be answered this Friday.