Home Nurse Series in Irish Country Living

This is a very proud day for me as the first of a four part series I've written especially for Irish Country Living has been published. I was thrilled when I was interviewed and featured in Irish Country Living during the summer, so to be given the opportunity to guest write this feature for the magazine was a real honour.

Irish Country Living - 14/11/13

As many of you will know, I was working as a nurse up until 2007. When the time came for me to decide on the content for my book, Apron Strings, I knew for sure that I wanted to include a chapter based around the concept of a 'Home Nurse'. It's a chapter of the book which is very personal to me. Even with my nursing background I was mostly basing this chapter on the care I have given to loved ones from the home; for example my late Mother and Father and also my darling foster brother Nick, who has cerebral palsy. I also included recipes and advice for dealing with common ailments such as the cold virus. I always felt as though I could of written much more on this 'home nurse' topic, so when Mairead Lavery { editor of  Irish Country Living } contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in writing a four part series, based on this chapter, I was ecstatic.
This week's topic is 'Food for Convalescing' and in the coming weeks there will be 'Warding off Colds & Flus', 'Pregnancy-Related Anaemia' and 'Caring for Someone with Cancer'. I hope that you enjoy reading them, as I loved developing the recipes for this series and thoroughly enjoyed writing each piece.
In other news:
*In this week's Westmeath Independent I've a very delicious recipe for a pulled pork burger, using organic pork from Menton's Organic Farm in Banagher. The recipe is so good that I will also share it with you on the blog next week.
* It may only be the middle of November but for the past few weeks my kitchen has had rather a festive feel to it, as I've been busy developing some new Christmas recipes. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you all very soon.


Lorette said...

I cannot wait to read your series. As a nurse and now a grandmother, my nursing experience is part of my life when I am taking care of my family whether it be nursing a cold or fighting a fever. I love the way you thread nursing throughout your family life and your book Apron Strings.

Nessa Robins said...

Thank you so much, Lorette. Even without a nursing background so many of us take on the 'home nurse' role.
I'm delighted that you are enjoying the book! Have a great weekend.