Hip Hip Hooray - I've won an Award!!

I have had a very busy few days but now that I am in front of the laptop I thought that I better share with you all that my blog has won an award. As I had mentioned I was in the finaland on Saturday night  the Irish Blog Awards took place in Belfast.  An aunt, with whom I was very close to and fond of, passed away on Friday night so naturally I wasn't able to travel to the ceremony. Jack and I kept a close eye on Twitter and we were overjoyed to see people tweeting that Nessa's Family Kitchen had won Best Newcomer! Sheilia from Gimme The Recipe was good enough to collect the award for me. Thank You again to everyone that makes the awards possible. I'm really chuffed and honoured to be a winner!!

Check out some of the other winners from the night!

Best Popculture blog

Best Food/Drink Blog


Best Lifestyle

Best Music Blog

Best Photo Blog

Best Technology Blog/Blogger

Best Sport and Recreation Blog

Best Blog of a Business

Best Arts and Culture Blog

Best Blog from a Journalist

Best News/Current Affairs Blog

Best Group Blog

Best Political Blog

Best Blog of a Politician

Use of the Irish Language in a Blog



Best Specialist Blog

Best Newcomer

Best Youth Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Science/Education Blog

Best Humour Blog

Best Blog Post

Best Blog


    Nicola/Simply Homemade said...

    Congratulations!! I've only just discovered your blog & I love it. Well done you x

    Nessa Robins said...

    Thank you very much! I'm forever finding new blogs that I love - I never realised that so many were blogging until I started myself:)

    Matt's Cooking Secrets said...

    Congratulations on your award, I enjoy reading your blog. You deserve it, and good luck for the future.

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations on your award. I've just discovered your blog through a link on a list of the winners. You recipes are so lovely as the mother of a already fussy 11 month old (i didn't think this was possible at this age) I think your baby food recipes are going to come in handy.

    likemamusedtobake said...

    Congratulations again Nessa, very well deserved. x

    Nessa Robins said...

    Thank-you for your good wishes Matt!

    Nessa Robins said...

    Thanks for your lovely comment, Emma!
    I hope that you find the baby food ideas useful. I intend on adding to it, every so often! I think your little man is just showing you that he has his own opinion, at least where his food is concerned! I have always found that feeding becomes a little more difficult around this age. I'm all for distractions and always have something 'new'(like a spatula) for Millie to examine while I am trying to get the first few spoonfuls in! Let me know if you are searching for any recipe in particular.
    Thanks Nessa.

    Nessa Robins said...

    Thanks Rosanne! I heard ye were cheering loudly on Sat night - sounds like a good night was had by all! I was sorry to miss it!

    MissCakeBaker said...

    Congratulations on your award! Very well deserved!