Family Fun for National Potato Day

Keogh’s Potatoes have organised Ireland’s first ever national day of spud appreciation and want you to join in the fun! With lots of fun activities and tasty dishes to try this promises to be a real fun event.

Official Press Release:

*Who doesn’t love Spuds? But just in case you have forgotten how lovely they are the *Keogh family *want you to fall in love again with Ireland’s national vegetable, the one and only Potato, with the first ever national day of potato appreciation on Thursday 25th August.On Thursday 25th August, Keogh’s are celebrating Ireland's first 
*National Potato Day* by encouraging everyone to eat at least one potato on the day,
by taking up some of their special offers in stores nationwide and if you
are in Dublin you can join in the *Spud Games* in Merrion Square!  The
Spud Games are a bit of fun where everyone is welcome to come and celebrate
all that is ‘spud’tastic and remind the people of Ireland just how tasty and
cheerful the humble spud can be!

Keogh’s have been growing potatoes in North County Dublin for more than
four generations and these Irish farmers really know how to grow a spud with
love. Whether you like your potato baked, fried, roasted, boiled, jacket on
or off, join in this celebration and enjoy at least one potato or indulge in
a potato recipe on National Potato Day.

There will be plenty of “smashin” potato games in Merrion Square with
adaptations of traditional favourites to introduce such games as, the spud
sack and the spud n’ spoon races or even make your own Mr. and Mrs. Potato
Head, competitions and yummy potato dishes and goodies for all the family.

Peter Keogh, Director of Keogh’s Potatoes said, ‘*What's not to love about
the potato, it is a delicious vegetable that is so Irish it is part of our
heritage and culture.  We want people to embrace the spud and see its 
versatility, good value and tastiness, but most of all we want people to be reminded of how much they love potatoes on National Potato Day 2011*.”

National Potato Day* is brought to you by *Keoghs,* to remind the nation
of just how delicious and nutritious the spud is! The next time you buy a
bag of spuds, not only are you getting a great meal but you are supporting
local Irish produce and business. Potatoes are low fat, suit all budgets,

adaptable to all pallets and a great source of vitamins and minerals but
most of all Irish Spuds are delicious!

It's great to be involved in a day like National Potato Day. Potatoes
have been a staple of the Irish diet for centuries and are still the main
provider of vitamin C in the Irish diet.  They are naturally low in fat,
which makes them a perfect part of any healthy meal and eaten in their

jackets they are a source of folic acid" *commented Dietician Sarah Keogh.

For more information on Ireland's 1st National Potato Day on Thursday 25th
August and The Spud Games in Merrion Sq., Dublin visit:

 To find out more about Keogh's and some yummy potato recipes visit:


WiseMóna said...

This Spud business is all over the internet! Are you going to the Bord Bia event in Dublin on September 9th? Hope to see you there.

Nessa Robins said...

I sure am Mona and I'm really looking forward to meeting up with all my new foodie/blogger friends. It promises to be a great day :) See you there!

Sue/the view from great island said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'll definitely do my part!