Nessa's Family Kitchen's Self Sufficiency Salad

Out in our garden we have a little greenhouse. At this time of year there is always an abundance of salad leaves and tomatoes to be harvested. It makes putting together a healthy tea very easy.
I love a plate of salad leaves and herbs with a drizzle of my salad dressing, which I make up about once a week and have handy in the fridge. To make it extra tasty and nutritious I like to add a few chunks of cheese {any type}, some toasted cashews, a little beetroot and always a sliced hard boiled egg.  Served with some homemade soda or a piece of toasted ciabatta this is a meal fit for a King!

We love eggs and quite often have them poached for brekkie, fried with homemade wedges or baked for brunch. To keep up with our demand for fresh eggs a couple of weeks ago we bought 5 more hens to add to the 5 we already had. For anyone who has hens, or is lucky enough to have access to farm fresh eggs, you'll agree that there is no comparison between these eggs and the eggs bought in the shops, even if they are free range or organic. As someone who bakes a lot I would also notice a notable difference in my cakes and sponges when made with fresh eggs from my little hens. For any egg lovers or bakers that have some room in the back garden I would definitely recommend purchasing a few hens. They really are easy to take care of and the reward of the most delicious eggs each morning is just fantastic.

I would be delighted if I was severed such a salad anywhere as it's perfectly healthy as well as being so scrumptious. Such a meal can easily be created with shop or market bought ingredient. For me it is so satisfying to serve up a meal where many of the ingredients came straight from the back garden.


Sue/the view from great island said...

This salad looks so delicious I could eat it all day. Your photos are especially nice here, the light is beautiful. I don't think I'm quite up to raising backyard chickens, but from what you say the fresh eggs must be wonderful to have. Maybe I can look up a local farm for some.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I recently did a little test with eggs from several sources. Lots of fun.

Your salad colors are amazing. I often use beet root powder to color my soaps because it is so gorgeous !

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks you for your lovely comments! Sue do try out some farm fresh eggs and you'll see the difference. Donna how amazing that you make your own soap. Super!!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

This looks delicious. It is early morning here, but I still rather fancy a plate of this salad just now. Might be time for a spot of breakfast.

Little Tums

Kathleen said...

Hey there! I just became a follower. Your blog is beautiful and delicious too!