My name's Nessa and I'm a 35 year old mother of four. I live with my husband, Diarmuid and our children Jack 11, Tiarnán 7, Fionn 5 and Millie 3. My Dad just passed away on the 9th December 2012, at the age of 81. He had lived next door to us and each day he had dinner with us. During the holidays we have a very special man, called Nicholas, who comes to stay. Nick has Cerebral Palsy and he lives in the Camphill Community, Kilkenny, but stays with my sister & I during his holidays. I run a busy household, with many different nutritional needs, likes and dislikes and through the blog I like to share some of my tried and tested family recipes. I love spending time with my family and we all cook together, quite a bit. My kitchen is a busy place but I certainly have many helpers, which make for a very happy kitchen. I have many recipes that are especially suited for little ones, to cook & eat. I can't take all the credit for this blog, as I get a lot of help and support from the whole family. It was my son Jack, who was amazingly aged only 7 at the time, that initially set up the blog and taught me all the admin info needed. He learned all of his computer skills from his Dad, who's also a great help when photos need resizing or a photo shoot has to be carried outdoors! Jack also keeps a good eye on our hens and each morning, before school, he feeds them and lets them free. Tiarnan, Fionn and Millie love to help out, in the kitchen, and are always very willing models, when needed. Even my  Dad had a vested interest, in the blog, and it was a regular occurrence for him to be seen at local auctions, bidding for food props. He's actually really had an eye for them! He was also my 'head gardener' and between himself and my eldest nephew Sean they kept all the veggies and fruit in the garden in great condition. We all miss Dad greatly, but truly appreciate that he had such a positive presence in our lives.

I'm a trained nurse and completed an honours degree in Trinity College Dublin. I've worked in many different areas of nursing, in hospitals and the community. I have always been passionate about food and cooking, so after the birth of my third child, when I found it more difficult to return to work outside the home, I started to give cookery classes to children from my kitchen. These worked out brilliantly & in time I progressed to teens & then adults. In recent years I have travelled the country giving cookery demos.
In January 2010 I began the blog, and this has opened up the world of opportunities. I love writing about food and I love photographing food, so this blog is a wonderful way to share my passion. In January 2011 I began my column in the Westmeath Independent and in May 2011 I was asked to become the 'Family Food Expert' with Irish parenting magazine, Easy Parenting. I'm also an occasional contributor to The Farmer's Journal - Irish Country Living. My recipes have been featured in the national newspapers and magazines, as well as many on-line sites, including The Huffington Post, EUMOM, Writing.ie, Cooleeney Farm Newsletters, Avonmore.ie, RTE food and The Irish Times - http://liveblog.irishtimes.com/1f0c3953ab/LIVE-Friday-Food-Forum/

My first book, 'Apron Strings', was published in May 2013 with New Island. This has been a very exciting step for me. I'm absolutely thrilled that it has received such fantastic reviews, have a read here.

I really love taking the photos for the blog and all photographs are styled and taken by me, unless otherwise stated. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and if I can help with any foodie query please do let me know. Thank you for reading the blog and for your continued support.
Nessa x 
Jack {11}

Fionn {5} and Tiarnan {7}

Fionn, Millie{3} and Tiarnan.
Tiarnan & Jack, having some fun in the kitchen.
Millie helping to make bread!

Dad, at an auction, where many nice items were bought for the kitchen.
Tiarnan, Myself & Fionn with Nick. 
Flowers for Granddad!
Demonstating at Totally Tipperary
Demonstrating with Edward Hayden, at Taste of Dublin 2011
Tiarnan & Fionn with my nephew Sean, who does a lot of the gardening.
With the lovely Rachel Allen, while on a course at Ballymaloe.

Photo taken with Neven Maguire, while on work experience, at his restaurant July '11. 
If you would like to read my columns I have a weekly column in The Westmeath Independent, bi-monthly column in Easy Parenting and I'm an occasional contributor to The Farmer's Journal - Irish Country Living. I'm on Twitter @Nessa_Robins on Facebook and InstagramIf you would like to contact me directly you can do so at: NessasFamilyKitchen@gmail.com


Lorette said...

I am new to your blog...love it. My first trip to Ireland was about 15 years ago. I met Darina Allen and fell in love with Irish cooking but I actually fell in love with it long before that since my grandmother was Irish.
Now I am a grandmother and am trying to share my heritage with my granddaughter.
Your blog is beautiful...love the pictures and what a way to combine what you love with those you love.
I am also a nurse and I blog at www.parentingintheloop.com

Nessa Robins said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Lorette.
Darina Allen is a wonderful ambassador for Irish food. We're also very lucky to have some fantastic food producers in this country.
I had a peep at your blog-it looks great, lots for parents & grandparents! Have a lovely weekend.

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