Lemony Hummus

I may have mentioned it here before that I really love watching movies. I have also been lucky enough to be an extra in some Irish based movies and I was very proud to be one of the featured ladies in the well acclaimed feature documentary His & Hers. What a fantastic experience that was, and if you haven't seen it I'd positively recommend you rent out a copy. It's beautifully shot, quite funny and extremely touching. This Ken Wardrop film will certainly carry you on a very emotional journey, so be ready for it!

Having four children in the past ten years has meant that myself and Diarmuid rarely go out for a night and I can honestly say that this has never bothered me. We love our night's in with a good movie and of course the obligatory mini feast to compliment the night. Even before we had the children, cinema trips and movie nights were always a fond way to spend time together. Our cinema fixes are now satisfied by outings with the kids and with so many fabulous children orientated films on the market, these jaunts are always lots of fun.

Since I'm on the topic of movies, I thought I should share with you what I heard on Ryan Tubridy's radio show, this morning. Ryan was speaking with Keith Duffy about a new initiative that I think is really fantastic. Keith's own daughter, Mia, has autism and he has spoken publicly about her condition on many occasions, heightening the awareness of the condition to so many people. I always admire his honesty on telling about the day to day life as a parent of a child with autism. He explained how a family trip to the cinema can often end in disaster, as the lighting and level of sound can be very troublesome for an autistic child. This morning his focus was on a new cinema initiative for children with autism, which will give families the opportunity to attend and hopefully have a very positive experience.  Here are the participating cinemas and  if you are interested in bringing your child to one of these movies the next one is ‘Beauty and the Beast 2D’ – it will be screened on Sunday 13th May at 11.30am at the Odeon Cinema at the Point, and Storm Cinemas in Naas, Portlaoise, Cavan & Limerick & UCI Cinemas in Blanchardstown, Stillorgan, Coolock and Newbridge. Maybe just ring the participating cinema to check availability.  

Lemony Hummus
There are many goodies that I like to include in my 'movie smörgåsbord' and I always have to have a few bowls of hummus or pesto for dipping some bread sticks and tortillas in to. There are many different types of hummus that I enjoy, but a zesty one with a little spice is my favourite. If you are not a fan of cumin, this can be replaced with ground coriander or some smoked paprika. 

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
Juice of 1 lemon
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tbsp greek yoghurt
1 tsp sugar
75ml olive oil

1. Place all the ingredients into a mini chopper or a food processor. Blitz until smooth.
2. To serve, place in a bowl and drizzle with a little extra olive oil & a sprinkle of ground cumin.
Perfect as a dip or to accompany any spicy meal.

Deciding on what nibblys to eat is the easy part of 'movie night'. A lot of negotiating goes into choosing the film!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We love hummus at our house too and I just made a chimichurri sauce that was too die for. Great inexpensive snacks. Our three kids are all in college so going out isn't in our budget at the moment. I am a special education para professional and work with two children on the autism spectrum. What a fantastic idea the movie nights are for children with this challenge.

Nessa Robins said...

I must look up that chimichurri sauce! I've never tried it before. What a wonderful, rewarding job to have. I'm sure more of these cinema-type experience will become available soon. I thought it was a super idea :)

paulaannryan said...

Such a lovely post Nessa! Amazing how times change and a movie night in is the stuff of dreams! Love it! I love hummus but have never made it. Buying the ingredients tonight!

yousef said...

I Really Love IT And Want To Try it

Nessa Robins said...

Thank you Paula! I hope you enjoy it :)

Nessa Robins said...

Thank you, Yousef!

brenda said...

We are the same when it comes to going out, but our eldest is almost 13 and we recently left him for two hours while we grabbed an Indian meal. It was soooo good to get out together.I too am a hummus lover and make it regularly but tend to eat it all in one go. This looks good, will try it out. I noticed that shutter island is at the top of that pile. We watched it last week, it's a great movie.

MissCakeBaker said...

Great post! I love hummus but never have had much success making it. Your recipe looks like a winner and has been bookmarked.

Nessa Robins said...

It's great when the older ones can start helping out, Brenda. We're not at the stage of babysitting yet! I loved Shutter Island - one of my favourite films :)
I hope it turns out nice for you, Miss Cake Baker! Let me know what you think.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

My husband and I love hummus and I've become lazy buying it! You've inspired me to make a batch! It's one of those snacks hat I don't feel guilty eating either! And we LOVE our videos . . . I think our last count was around 450 . . . we buy them ALL on sale and when they are super discounted! I guess you could call us "video-files" LOL!!!

Thank you for your kind comments on my teapot & cozy post! Did you locate one of your mom's?

When you have a moment check out my latest post on a sea captains home in Maine! I wonder if they have a media room in that home . . . hmmm

Have a great week!


Nessa Robins said...

So you're also in your movies Mary! I did actually locate one of Mam's tea cozies, so thank you for putting that idea into my head. I'll certainly have a read of your new post :)