My Love of Crisps

My love affair with crisps started at a very young age. Out of the many childhood goodie cravings I may have possessed, crisps were always superior to any other possible treat. My Dad too was a keen crisp fan, as well as being partial to an odd glass of Guinness in his local at the weekend. Never would he return home without two packets of crisps, one in each jacket pocket; one for me and one for my mother, who was never too fond of the pub scene. Some nights the thoughts of diving into a bag of fresh crisps would keep me awake well past my bedtime. I'd carefully listen for the sound of car tyres crunching against the gravel. Then, knowing that my dad would have turned the corner of the house, I would sneak to the back door. Without fail I would be met by an over-exaggerated shocked Dad, who would of course be expecting me yet would like me to believe that I had frightened the life out of him. As the kettle would boil, for my father's night-time cuppa, I'd enjoy my bag of crisps, while he would divulge almost word for word all of the conversations that took place in the pub bar that evening. Sometimes the whistle from the kettle would draw my mother from her bedroom, to join us for a cup of tea and a nibble of a few crisps. This was the routine for many Saturday nights for many years. It can sometimes be the simplest of situations where we find our happiest of memories, and Saturday night's tea and crisps, with my parents, at the kitchen table is one of mine. I think my love of crisps will always stand the test of time. Every now and again I will have a bag of crisps with my own night-time cup of tea. I think those flavours together will always conjure up very strong and special memories for me.

When there is much focus on how our food is produced it is ever important to choose with care what we place in our supermarket trolley. While I don't find it too difficult to refrain from including biscuits and chocolates in the weekly shop, crisps are a different kettle of fish. I do however like to choose the somewhat "healthier" option; ones that are free from additives and as naturally produced as possible. For any regular blog readers you will be well aware that I am a huge fan of the Irish-made crisps, Keogh's. As well as having high quality delicious products, their potatoes are grown and the crisps are cooked on the family farm. This week they are introducing a new variety to the market, Keogh’s Irish Atlantic Sea Salt Crisps. Keogh's decided to use Irish Atlantic Sea Salt in their new flavour crisps as it is in keeping with the strong tradition Keogh’s have for producing only the best Irish produce, using locally sourced fresh ingredients. O’Neill’s Irish Atlantic Sea Salt are the only producers in Ireland to harvest gourmet, dried sea salt that is extracted directly from the Irish Atlantic Sea, and now using just a pinch of sea salt these new crisps from Keogh’s are actually the only lightly salted crisp product made in Ireland. They are also gluten-free which is another wonderful addition. 
Keogh’s Irish Atlantic Sea Salt Crisps are available in Superquinn and Dunnes Stores nationwide, as well as select independent food retailers. For more information about Keogh’s hand cooked crisps visit: or find them on Facebook at

Just a reminder that my launch for "Apron Strings" will be taking place at 6pm, Thursday, 16th May in Dún na Sí, Moate, Co. Westmeath. If you are about, pop by. All are welcome. There may even be some crisps there. 


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

We call them "potato chips" in the US & I LOVE them! My favorite are Kettle brand and are baked. I used to eat them with my nana and drink a cup of tea too! How funny is that!

Good luck with your launch!

Nessa Robins said...

That is a funny coincidence! Thank you. I'm so looking forward to the launch. Have a good week!

Lisa McGee said...

Love Salted Crisps Nessa - actually the only ones I like but have yet to get Keogh's - now on a mission!! Lovely post and lovely memory about your DAD :)

Nessa Robins said...

Thanks Lisa. Hopefully you can get your hands on some. I think you'd really like them.